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a timely critique of American Buddhist lifestyle and ecological awareness...

An interesting opinion piece and comment discussion by Waylon Lewis of Elephant Journal regarding American Buddhism and environtmentalism.

7 Reasons Buddhists don’t give a shiite about the Environment.

My response:
I like this. For me it comes down to this: Derrick Jensen's Endgame Premise #8:
"Premise Eight: The needs of the natural world are more important than the needs of the economic system. Another way to put premise Eight: Any... economic or social system that does not benefit the natural communities on which it is based is unsustainable, immoral, and stupid. Sustainability, morality, and intelligence (as well as justice) requires the dismantling of any such economic or social system, or at the very least disallowing it from damaging your landbase."

Personally I don't know how one's Buddhist practice can't take this seriously, if one is serious about one's relationship with all sentient beings as opposed to just giving that idea lip service.
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