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Very Curious

What's the difference between an art (as in martial arts,) and a craft (as in witchcraft?)

Introduction! :)


My name is Djenn, and I'm a pagan who is finding herself increasingly drawn toward Tibetan Buddhism/Bon spirituality.  I'm a soon-to-be LPN, with one child (my darling daughter), who's living in the middle of the USA in an area that is somewhat devoid of both pagans and Buddhists, so this makes studying a *little* difficult! ;D

I'm looking for good introductory information about Bon spirituality--I've been reading articles on JSTOR like crazy, but more often than not they are about specific deities or the spiritual significance of "X" number and/or "X" piece of culture--which are good for learning about those "X" things, but not so great when getting one's head wrapped around the cosmology. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you all so much!  I look forward to hearing from you!

a new lj community that may be of interest

For anyone interested in spirits of place: land, home, etc., there is a new community dedicated to this topic: the_wight_stuff, wight being a Germanic word meaning "spirit". This community is open to discussion of wights, or spirits, of all traditions. See profile for more info.
I thought I would share a sort of practice I've been inspired to do, both by being called by the local river, as well as inspired by a practice from the Bön tradition.

I live in western North Carolina, and we have been having a drought - nearly no rain for the past two month until yesterday - thanks to Hurricane Fay dispersing over this area. Drought conditions actually began last summer, with some recovery over the winter, but overall precipitation has never really caught up.

For the past month or so, I'd really been missing water - not as in rain, but bodies of water... lakes I guess... I didn't realize I'd miss the lakes I'd always been around in Wisconsin and Minnesota (where I'd lived most of my life) so much when I moved down here, but there you have it. So I got a strong call to visit the French Broad River - which had hit a record low - about a week before I heard about the record low. It was a visible shock.
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Discussion Topic #1

Today I came across this excellent video on Buddhism, an interview with an American Zen Buddhist monk in South Korea, and I thought it so clear and revealing that I wanted to share it with you... and invite you to discuss this with me.

Video on Essential Buddhism

I see a perfect tie-in to Paganism in this (as well as all other world religions if their practitioners are open to thinking for themselves) because of the simple aspect (and a quote from Jesus, heh) - "Know Thyself". My teacher for 2nd Degree uses this frequently, and my degree studies with him (Terry Riley, High Priest of the Southern Delta Church of Wicca) have been all about discovering oneself more deeply. I also really appreciate Sunim's explanation of mindfulness toward the beginning and his emphasis on many paths leading to the same point (enlightenment).

I invite you to watch this video and share your experiences and thoughts about what Hyon Gak Sunim is saying about Buddhism... and your own life.


Name: Leann
Nationality/State: North Carolina, USA
Pantheon: I don't really associate w/ one particular pantheon.
Describe Yourself: see below
Buddhism, Paganism, Both, or Neither: both
Any school or Tradition you belong to: Bön Buddhist path
Special Expertise: guinea pig wrangling

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membership again open/profile update.

Hi All,
This transition has been slow going, but we now have a new membership policy, and have also updated the profile page (see this community's profile for changes). So, in effect, membership is no longer closed, which I hope will generate more discussion (when new people come along) and also old/current members feel free to jump in. I'll post an intro on myself in a bit.

new moderators!

...I want to mention that the new moderators are peacewind and leaves1, who volunteered to be the new imperators here (and thanks to the other who did as well)...they are now in charge, and so all questions, greetings, etc., might best be directed at them...

Making the Transition

Hellllooo and Merry Meet, though I'm not writing because I'm new, but because ngakmafaery has accepted me and leaves1 as the new maintainers of the community.

So... Hi, I'm Czarina and Namaste and Merry Meet to you all!

I definitely think this forum is an important one to keep going and to promote, as many of us in pagan and other similar paths and indeed in many spiritual paths are looking to the East for inspiration. I myself have been a student of Taoism for a long time, incorporating many of its ideas of balance and universality into my own personal philosophy. And then along the way I started studying Buddhism as well, so that now my personal pagan tradition has a definite Buddhist flavor to it. Meditation has become an important part of my life. And recently some members of my own local pagan circle have become interested in Buddhism as well. While I do not have a Buddhist center close to me, occasionally I am able to go to Memphis (80 miles away) to visit Dragon Seat Meditation Center with my circle brothers and sisters to attend their Sunday services (Tibetan Buddhist tradition, though the services are in English).

If you are interested in either paganism or Buddhism or both, this is the forum for exploring the blending of concepts and ideals shared and enhanced by both.

You can read more about my personal philosophy HERE.

Let's keep the dialogue going!


Labyrinth of the Five Buddhas

In 2005 I constructed a 9m diameter walking labyrinth based on a 2nd century design but incorporating the mandala of the five Buddhas from TIbetan Buddhism. 

In the East (Water) the blue buddha Akshobya, South (Earth) the yellow buddha Ratnasambhava, West (Fire) red Amitabha, North (Air) green Amogasiddhi and in the center (Space) Vairocana.

Ostensibly this mandala was built for a family retreat which explored the six elements though there were some personal reasons for the series of rituals we conducted in the space. It helped me get my life back together after a series of deaths.

Over time the site has been augmented and is now complete. Here are a few pics.