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Buddhist and Pagan, or Buddhist-Pagan, Dialogue

(once again open to new members - see below!)

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Buddhist and Pagan Dialogue
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Discussion of Buddhism and Paganism: similarities, differences, crossover, and/or combination.
This is group dedicated for ecumenical, spiritual, and philosophical discussions between Buddhist and Pagan thinkers. This is also a community for walkers of the dharma who have embraced esoteric Western thought to speak freely, or anyone interested in exploring the differences and similarities between Buddhism and Paganism.

Your new moderators, peacewind and leaves1, are accepting new membership applications from LJ users who demonstrate a convincing combination of one or more of the following criteria: have an LJ account with 10 or more posts we can view, an account that is at least 6 months old, and/or friends who we recognize. (We don't want to make it difficult for anyone; this requirement is based on past experience with trollish problems here and elsewhere in the LJ world).

Untoward behavior such as trolling, flaming, or personal attacks will not be tolerated, and any member engaging in such behavior can be banned at the discretion of the moderators. Thanks in advance for keeping this community harmonious.

Feel free to introduce yourself, ALTHOUGH IT'S COMPLETELY OPTIONAL:

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Believe nothing because a wise man said it.
Believe nothing because it is generally held.
Believe nothing because it is written.
Believe nothing because it is said to be divine
Believe nothing because someone else believes it.
But believe only what you yourself judge to be true.

- The Buddha

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